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XQUI (Exquisite) is a community-based Private Investment DAO. We are a community of crypto investors, fund managers, project founders, researchers, DeFi and NFT analysts, crypto traders, gem hunters, degens and more.

Mission & Value

Our mission is to unite crypto to move towards the real Web3 vision. Ultimately, we are building a friendly ecosystem of crypto experts in an eco-friendly manner — we plan to share knowledge and experience while entering the new stages of the crypto market.
We unite the diverse representatives of the crypto community. Meanwhile, we aim to develop the sphere in an eco-friendly manner, exchange experience and knowledge, and invest in community crypto projects at their early stages that the community owns. Thus, we are focused on joining the forefront of Web 3 investments by implementing different XQUI products. In this way, we will support and work alongside teams with the same goal and collective effort towards this vision.
No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – H.E. Luccock

Our community of NFT holders has exclusive access to:

  • Gain private club access. Holder-only Discord channels. XQUI community is a private club, and access is only granted to NFT holders. Membership into the XQUI community, with a strong network of founders and investors is available in DeFi, NFT and web3.
  • A professional team of experts. All XQUI holders maintain exclusive access to crypto research, conducted by XQUI's best analysts. Members, in this way, receive leading industry analysis and insight through masterclasses, bespoke research papers, AMAs and NFT whitelists and private investment opportunities
  • XQUI Accelerator. The community prioritizes the project's investments of the owners of XQUI NFTs. Each new project founder can pitch to the XQUI community to seek funding. Get expert help from our knowledgeable and connected community as you launch a new project or business. The XQUI community can assist you in building your team, getting users, obtaining advice, and getting funding.
  • NFT drops. Exclusive terms for all XQUI holders to take part in minting other NFT collections
  • Exclusive content. AMA sessions with crypto-known experts in their fields, covering areas such as Crypto, Blockchains, NFTs and DeFi
  • XQUI merch. Holders of the XQUI Genesis NFT will be able to get exclusive XQUI merch.
  • Community events. We plan to host informative XQUI Web3 conference/workshops, insightful mastermind sessions, exciting poker games, as well as calming yoga and meditation events
  • Access to the XQUI DAO and XQUI token. All holders can get access to private investments through XQUI DAO NFT (XQUI Angel, XQUI DeFi, XQUI Metaverse), where the fund will be distributed by DAO voting. Also, the holders of XQUI Genesis could take full advantage of XQUI Finance, which gives a lot of benefits: Farming $XQUI by staking your NFT and get early access to the XQUI token

XQUI is based on the three pillars

XQUI has a group of products that includes various opportunities for our XQUI holders. Examples of these include investing in early-stage projects, as well as metaverse and DeFi indexes that earn passive incomes.
  • XQUI Genesis — A collection of 6,000 utility-enabled PFPs gives you member access to The XQUI Club: research from XQUI's analysts, unique NFT drops, community events, project proposal accelerator access, and access to the XQUI DAO
  • XQUI DAO — A group of investment products divided into different uses of capital
    • XQUI Private — Investing in Early-Stage Crypto Projects
    • XQUI Metaverse — Investing in the Metaverse index (NFT, lands, metaverse projects' tokens), where holders will have equal shares of the portfolio
    • XQUI DeFi — Investing in DeFi Index that generates passive income stream
  • XQUI Finance — A DeFi protocol that unites decentralized finance and NFT landscapes offering a full suite of utilities:
    • Farming $XQUI by staking your NFT
    • Farming $XQUI by staking $XQUI token on a platform
    • Allocate XQUI Finance Treasure
    • Change XQUI Protocol’s fees
    • Earning additional DeFi protocols’ rewards by staking your $XQUI via a liquidity pool
    • XQUI DAO Buybacks system where a part of fees are allocated and got burnt
    • and more

Get started:

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