What is the XQUI ecosystem?

XQUI (Exquisite) is a community-based Private Investment DAO. We are a community of crypto investors, project founders, researchers, DeFi and NFT analysts, crypto traders, gem hunters, degens and more.

What is the vision of XQUI?

Our mission is to unite crypto to move towards the real Web3 vision. Ultimately, we are building a friendly ecosystem of crypto experts in an eco-friendly manner — we plan to share knowledge and experience while entering the new stages of the crypto market.

What is XQUI Genesis?

A collection of 3,000 utility-enabled PFPs which gives you member access to The XQUI Private Club, where you will find exclusive research from XQUI's analysts, unique NFT drops, community events, project accelerator, and access to the XQUI DAO fund.

What do you gain access to as a community member of XQUI?

- Gain Private Club Access. XQUI community is a private club: access will only be granted to XQUI Genesis NFT holders. - Deep market analytics. Leading crypto industry analysis through on-chain analytics, DeFi and NFT market insights, etc. - XQUI Accelerator. Opportunity to pitch projects in order to find team members, funding or to get your first users. - Exclusive Opportunities. AMA sessions and workshops with crypto-known experts. Community events, conferences, workshops and mastermind sessions and exclusive NFT drops - XQUI Token Incentives. XQUI Genesis NFT holders have an opportunity to stake their NFTs in order to get incentives in the XQUI token. Exact APR depends on your NFTs rarity level. - Access to the XQUI DAO. Get access to diversified DAO-based investment products divided by crypto market segments and aimed to provide passive income to all our holders.

What is the XQUI DAO?

It’s a scope of different investment products which are divided by crypto market segments to generate income for the XQUI community. To participate in XQUI DAO Fund, users need to hold an XQUI Genesis NFT. - XQUI Private – Investing in Early-Stage Crypto Projects - XQUI Metaverse – Investing in the Metaverse index (NFT, Lands, metaverse projects' tokens) - XQUI DeFi – Investing in DeFi Index that generates a passive income stream

What is XQUI Finance?

XQUI Finance is building foundational layers in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT landscapes offering a full suite of utilities like XQUI NFT staking, xXQUI token locking and our DAO All XQUI token holders have some benefits: - Users can farm $XQUI by staking their NFTs - You will earn $XQUI by staking $XQUI token on a platform - Earning additional DeFi protocols’ rewards by staking your $XQUI via a liquidity pool - Many more

Who created XQUI?

XQUI was created by @ChrisMR | XQUI, – portfolio fund manager and DeFi Lead of +$200m fund, and a team of developers, marketers, artists, researchers (NFT, DeFi and market) with a huge background in crypto, technology, and investments.

Drop Details?

  • Private sale Date: 07.09.2022, 400 NFT (pre-whitelist sale, private sale, advisors, team and DAO)
  • Whitelist Date: 28.09.2022, 600 NFT
  • Public sale: Date: 05.10.2022, 2000 NFT
5% Royalties from trading volume on the secondary market goes to the XQUI DAO Treasury.