The Story of XQUI


Far, far away, there existed a galaxy, this galaxy was known as the Lirderian galaxy. Unlike the Milky Way, this galaxy was united – a powerful ruler had not only managed to conquer or diplomatically assimilate every planet, and his line continued to lead the galaxy.
Thanks to this unity, the Lirderian galaxy was also extremely advanced technologically. This technology had granted the galaxy’s people good lives, lacking little. However, not everything was going as well as it seemed.
The sheer size of the galaxy meant that problems arose at every turn regarding its administration, and things weren’t going as smoothly. The galaxy’s economic system was all trending towards total failure. Although the majority of the population had not realized this and were living their lives as usual, the first signs of economic collapse were beginning to make themselves known. New, radical ideas were needed in order to avoid this.

Task for the royal family

This is where the leader of the galaxy came in, the king that ruled the Lirderian galaxy. In general, the king’s heir was chosen from among his bloodline, but usually, it wasn’t simply the first child – the would-be heirs had to prove they were up for the task.
The ruler had three children: Kilirian, Kildis and Xqulis. All three were bright young men, intelligent and with many other qualities that marked them out as fit to one day assume the throne. To decide who among them was best suited for this task, and to solve the economic galaxy's problems, their father gave them a mission.

The three sons leaving the galaxy

The ruler tasked his three sons to travel to different planets and find a solution to the economic problems that they faced. The one who would do the best would be made heir to the throne and charged to implement their reforms on a galaxy-wide scale.
Kirilian was the first sibling to arrive, Kirilian landed on the first planet which goes under the name Corpium. The inhabitants here were known as corpers and specialized in the old paradigm of finance where the economy processed through corporations. That was never used in the galaxy of his own, so he was thinking that this could be a good change.
Kildis found a planet called Keraldium, where they specialized in commodities but mainly precious metals, their most precious metal was eraldium. Kildis realized quickly why they had chosen commodities to rule their economy. This was because 80% of their planet was made out of precious metals which were guarded by a group called Kirilis who near monopolized not only the precious metals but also 50% of all the commodities on the planet. He wanted to figure out if he could use this approach in his galaxy as well since Lirderians were rich in metals too.

All leads to NY

Far away from the Lirderian galaxy, there existed a planet called Earth. Earth had an intelligent race living there, the humans, who had built up their civilization – but this civilization not surprisingly faced many problems. Xquilis took the risk and traveled there accompanied by 6000 of the best creatures from his galaxy who were the best at analytics and counting. Those were super hungry for new knowledge and ready to work hard to help their leader come up with the best solution for the problem.
His ship arrived right in the center of the planet, it appeared to be the busiest city on Earth, NY. Aliens began to socialize, putting on the clothes of modern youth and getting used to the new vibe of a free man of New York, they even started to look like them! So to speak, they begin to learn a new culture!
Pretty soon Xquilis got to know super powerful people in crypto and decentralized tech - something that his galaxy needed. He united his mates and crypto guys from his galaxy and created a project called XQUI.

What happens in NY

By combining the great analytic minds of lirderians and human’s knowledge of decentralized tech Xquilis created a new Family on Earth. The one able to figure out a way to solve the problems he was sent out to find a solution for – something which he could be proud to show his father, and become heir to the throne.