XQUI Private

XQUI Private

A collection of 300 NFTs gives you member access to The XQUI Private Club. The money raised will be distributed by investing in projects at the early stages via XQUI Private DAO. XQUI Private access is strictly available through an onboarding call. Each holder of XQUI Genesis must go screening before receiving XQUI Private NFT. The price of having the XQUI Private NFT starts from $10.000.

What is XQUI DAO Private?

XQUI DAO is a private community of XQUI Private holders operating via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization model of governance. So, this means XQUI Private holders will coordinate the use of funds from the XQUI Private fund through a voting system. The XQUI ecosystem, brand, and dissemination of XQUI's principles worldwide are controlled by the XQUI DAO. Currently, the XQUI DAO is open to funding proposals for new business initiatives. XQUI Private NFT owners can vote on projects that adhere to our fundamental community principles..
  • The fund is established for 3 years. All the money raised should be used in private sales of DeFi, NFT and Web3 projects
  • The unallocated money will be transferred back to the NFT holders wallet by the end of the 3rd year
  • Each XQUI Private holder receives profit to their wallets equal to the profit made from private sale investments in the ETH token given to their contribution to the fund, depending on the amount of NFT that the investor bought. The entire profit from any round of investments will be issued in tranches every six months (6 times in 3 years) to the wallets of the XQUI Private holders

XQUI Private NFT holders have exclusive access to:

  • All benefits of XQUI Genesis, including NFT, DeFi and market research, NFT drops, exclusive content, XQUI merch and unique community events
  • Access to the DAO Private Sale Fund
  • A share of a private sale fund. All holders are entitled to profit from the investments in projects
  • Governance in DAO, funding web3 and community projects. NFT owners can vote to invest in specific projects via the governance system. Each XQUI Private Sale Fund NFT owner receives the right to vote for investing in projects at private stages
  • XQUI NFTs govern our DAO. XQUI Private DAO NFT sales fund our DAO and which the community will use to fund projects that create value for them and the broader world.

DAO Source of Funds

  • The XQUI Private Fund is funded by attracting investments through the sale of XQUI Private NFT

Structure of a wallet

  • Authorizers - Ability to veto proposals that go against the XQUI Terms of Service or the spirit of the project
  • Holders - Entitled to (1) vote for every XQUI owned
  • More TBD

Technology stack

  • Discourse
  • Snapshot
  • Gnosis safe with trusted multi-sig signers

Structure of fund

Upon reviewing draft proposals, the XQUI committee advances them to final proposals for token holders' approval. At this point, the XQUI committee removes any proposals that contradict the fundamental XQUI values or the XQUI Terms of Service. Each application undergoes high-quality and deep research by the XQUI team: project team, economics, risks and community and market value. The whole process comprises several stages:
  • Getting a proposal
  • Screening the team and the idea of a project via the XQUI Private Discord server
  • Project research according to internal XQUI rules and guidelines
  • Submitting a proposal that is open for voting

Proposal criteria

  • Each funding application must get to the first stage by completing the form
  • XQUI Genesis and Private holders may submit an initial proposal
  • As a minimum, the initial proposal should:
    • Not contravene any law or the purpose of the XQUI DAO;
    • Comply with the criteria established by the XQUI community, as published on a website or another widely-accepted XQUI community site or forum
    • Be viable, in the reasonable judgment of the Review Committee.
  • Authors should submit initial proposals to the Review Committee in the XQUI Discord through the google form - link
  • Those initial proposals that meet the guidelines will be published as "Draft Proposals" for community discussion, a process lasting one week.
  • After the closing of the discussion period, the authors will have one week to modify the Draft Proposal to incorporate community feedback, if desired.
  • If an Author fails to respond to community feedback or inquiries for 20 days from this point, the Draft Proposal will be deemed abandoned. At this point, the Draft Proposal will no longer be eligible for elevation to a Final Proposal for a vote.
  • After receiving approval from the community, the XQUI team conducts full-fledged project research according to internal XQUI rules and guidelines. The proposal is issued for voting to all our XQUI Private holders upon completing the research.
  • The proposal is issued for voting to all our XQUI Private holders upon completing the research.


Royalty for XQUI Private - 5%, going to the XQUI DAO Treasury

Open market

Investors can sell their NFTs on the open market. However, by doing this, sellers will lose the opportunity to get their invested money back, and they won't be able to receive profit from investments every six months.


Core team
XQUI DAO Treasury
XQUI Private


  • 5% - management fee (3% to the core team, 2% to the XQUI DAO Treasury)
  • 15% - performance fee (from profit to the XQUI DAO Treasury)