XQUI Finance

What is XQUI Finance?

XQUI Finance is a DeFi protocol that unites decentralized finance and NFT landscapes offering a full suite of utilities like XQUI NFT staking, xXQUI token locking and DAO mechanics.

All XQUI token holders have some benefits:

  • Users can farm $XQUI by staking their NFT
  • Earning $XQUI by staking $XQUI token on a platform
  • Earning additional DeFi protocols’ rewards by staking your $XQUI via a liquidity pool
  • Allocate XQUI Finance Treasure
  • XQUI DAO Buybacks system
  • Change XQUI Protocol’s fees
  • Approving important product milestones
  • Generate more yields by vote locking model

$XQUI is the native platform token for XQUI Finance

  • Ticker: $XQUI
  • Type: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 100 000 000

Money Raised Distribution (from public sale)

XQUI Finance Treasury
XQUI DAO Treasury
Convex ecosystem

XQUI Finance ecosystem

1. XQUI protocol unlocks your NFT

  • Users can earn $XQUI tokens by staking their NFTs

2. XQUI Finance is great for liquidity providers

  • Every user can buy $XQUI token on a market and stake to the XQUI finance (as $xXQUI) earning $XQUI additionally and voting for any changes to the protocol

3. XQUI as a token for LPs

  • Users can earn additional trading fees by staking their $XQUI into a liquidity pool via Sushi or Uniswap
  • Then using LP of XQUI-ETH, users can earn additional DeFi protocols’ rewards on a staking solution

4. More benefits for XQUI holders

  • XQUI protocol has an XQUI DAO Buybacks system where a part of fees are allocated and are sold to a token from rewards from the Convex ecosystem
  • XQUI locking model for XQUI Emission (locking period from 1 month to 4 years)