xXQUI is the governance token of XQUI Finance that is based on a vote locking model. The main benefits for xXQUI users include: receiving participation rewards, boosted XQUI farming rewards, and voting power. This model is based off inSPIRIT and veCRV from Curve Finance and DILL from Pickle Finance.

Acquiring xXQUI

  • To get xXQUI, users must lock XQUI tokens for a user-defined timeframe. xXQUI would entitle the user to more preferential terms for all interactions within the protocol
  • Users can lock their $XQUI for any timeframe between 1 month to 4 years
  • Locking $XQUI for a longer timeframe yields a larger amount of $xXQUI. For example, locking 100 $XQUI for 1 year yields 2.5 $xXQUI. Whereas, locking 10 $XQUI for 4 years yields 100 $xXQUI.
  • The amount of xXQUI slowly decreases in the user's wallet until it reaches 0. This signifies that the lock period has ended and the user can withdraw their $XQUI
  • xXQUI is a non-transferable token

Farm Boost

  • Users holding $xXQUI get boosted XQUI farming rewards.
  • Farmers that hold $xXQUI can receive a max boost of up to 2.5x in farming rewards. For example, a farmer, with no $xXQUI, could farm XQUI-ETH for 100% APR. Whereas a farmer with sufficient $xXQUI to achieve max boost could farm XQUI-ETH for 250% APR.
  • The farm boost is determined by the following equations:
DerivedBalance=UserBlaanceInFarm0.4DerivedBalance = UserBlaanceInFarm * 0.4
AdjustedBalance=TotalDepositedInFarmUserxXQUIBalance/xXQUITotalSupply0.6AdjustedBalance = TotalDepositedInFarm * UserxXQUIBalance / xXQUITotalSupply * 0.6
BoostFactor=min(DerivedBalance+AdjustedBalance,UserBalanceInFarm)/UserBalanceBoostFactor = min(DerivedBalance + AdjustedBalance, UserBalanceInFarm)/UserBalance
  • User A has 0 $xXQUI and 1,000 XQUI/ETH LP in the farm --> BF = 0.4 --> 0.4/0.4 = 1x boost
  • User B has 100 $xXQUI and 1,000 XQUI/ETH LP in the farm --> BF = 0.46 --> 0.46/0.4 = 1.15x boost
  • User C has 1000 $xXQUI and 1,000 XQUI/ETH LP in the farm --> BF = 1 --> 1/0.4 = 2.5x boost
  • User D has 4000 $xXQUI and 1,000 XQUI/ETH LP in the farm --> BF = 1 --> 1/0.4 = 2.5x boost
Examples: There are 1,000 xVENN total and 10,000 VENN/AVAX LP total in the farm.

What are fees?

  • 5% of rewards will be allocated to the XQUI DAO Treasury