XQUI Genesis

What is XQUI Genesis?

A collection of 6,000 utility-enabled PFPs gives you member access to The XQUI Club. This all starts with exclusive research from XQUI's analysts, unique NFT drops, community events (workshops, mastermind sessions, and other entertainment events), project proposal accelerator access, as well as invaluable access to the XQUI DAO that invests in early-stage crypto projects.
XQUI Genesis NFT Collection is the first step required to join our private club which unlocks the access to deep market analytics, investment products to generate passive income and XQUI token staking to benefit holders.

Our community of any NFT holders have exclusive access to:

  • Gain private club access. Holder-only Discord channels. XQUI community is a private club: access is only granted to NFT holders. Membership in the XQUI community, with a strong network of founders and investors in DeFi, NFT and web3.
  • A professional team of experts. All XQUI holders maintain exclusive access to crypto research, conducted by XQUI's best analysts. This way members receive leading industry analysis and insight through masterclasses, bespoke research papers, AMAs and NFT whitelist and private investment opportunities
  • Community projects. The community prioritizes the project's investments of the owners of the XQUI NFT. Each founder of a new project can pitch their project to the XQUI community to get funding. Get the assistance of our knowledgeable and connected community as you launch a new project or a business. The XQUI community can help you build your team, get users, obtain advice, and get funding.
  • NFT drops. Exclusive terms for all XQUI holders to take part in minting other NFT collections
  • Exclusive content. AMA sessions with crypto-known experts in their fields, covering areas such as Crypto, Blockchains, NFTs and DeFi
  • XQUI merch. Holders of the XQUI Genesis NFT will be able to get exclusive XQUI merch.
  • Community events. Informative XQUI Web3 conference/workshops, insightful mastermind sessions, exciting poker games, as well as calming yoga and meditation events
  • Access to the XQUI DAO and XQUI token. All holders can get access to private investments through XQUI DAO NFT (XQUI Angel, XQUI DeFi, XQUI Metaverse), where the fund will be distributed by DAO voting


Royalty for XQUI Genesis - 5%, going to the XQUI DAO Treasury

Allocation of raised funds

Private Sale
XQUI DAO Treasury

Drop Details

Private Sale

  • Date: 07.08.2022-18.09.2022
  • Allocation: 500 NFT
    • Private sale: 50
    • Team: 50
    • DAO: 350 (the particular amount of NFTs for DAO is reserved for granting access to the XQUI DAO for funds and crypto company managers)
    • Advisors: 50


  • Date: 04.10.2022
  • Allocation: 1000 NFT
    • XQUI Community events
    • Collaborating with other NFT Communities and alpha groups

Public Sale

  • Date: 05.10.2022
  • Allocation: 4500 NFT
  1. 1.
    There is no exact timeline for when the public sale starts. We will enable it with a transaction sent by the XQUI smart contract owner's address after the above steps are successfully completed. We will send a message in Discord the moment the transaction is sent.
  2. 2.
    Max number of XQUI minted per transaction is only 1
  3. 3.
    XQUI Founders have reserved 400 tokens for the private sale, team, DAO, advisors, marketing events, pre-whitelist

XQUI Alpha Research

The main purpose of the XQUI team is to provide high-quality analytics for our investors in many areas of cryptocurrency. Every holder of the XQUI NFT Collections can receive the most important and useful information daily concerning market happenings and what present opportunities exist.