XQUI is a business, and we are a fund! Our team is doxxed and committed to performing at the most stringent level. To complement this goal, we have gathered the brightest business, fund management, NFT, crypto, DeFi, and finance minds.


  • ChrisMR. CEO, Co-Founder & Analytics Team Lead
Chris is a crypto fund manager, leading a team at Midas.Investments that operates +$200m, 6+ years of experience in process operating and team leadership. Previously had 3 years of experience in leading core marketing devisions at Borzo Delivery.
  • Fr0x. Co-founder & Marketing Growth Lead
Fr0x has expertise in PR and IR, as well as more than 5 years of experience in the crypto market. Contributed to 20+ projects, collaborated and successfully launched 2 NFT sales, and total fundraising milestone in excess of $400 million.
  • aireX.ETH. Co-founder & Internal Marketing Lead
Very successfully advised 20+ crypto projects on their journeys to global markets. Previously managed marketing teams in international start-ups with a presence spanning 9 countries at Borzo Delivery. Intimate access to the most solid and trusted crypto communities.
Fraz is a professional multi chain community manager who has worked with NFTs for a little over 3 years now. He has also worked on projects on 5 different blockchains such as Cronos, Cardano, Ethereum, Fantom and Solana. Over $1 million dollars in revenue driven for WEB 3 projects on 8 projects during the last year


The team currently has more than 15 members, and we are expanding! We've held positions at large corporations, start-ups, and other cryptocurrency businesses.

Advisers and Partners